Welcome to Storybook Homes, the premier designer of Picturesque Old-World Cottages.

We offer full-working architectural Cottage Home Plans sets, along with Custom Cottage Design services.

Why build the ordinary, when you can build the extraordinary! Our quaint cottages are a refreshing change from today’s contemporary styles, combining modern luxury with historic Picturesque & Storybook cottage style architecture.

As you are well aware, the housing market has taken a considerable turn in many areas of the US, yet we believe your home can still be one of the best investments you can make. The opportunity to retain your investment (and have it appreciate over time) in many instances, may also be greater in smaller homes as compared to larger ones, and we also believe your “saleability” may also be greater if your home has lots and lots of charm and curb appeal (see our blog for further discussion about this topic). That’s where we come in.

We love the whimsy and charm of both the Old-world Picturesque and Storybook style because they’re exciting, they’re entertaining, they can make us smile, and they ignite the imagination! They speak to our hearts and dazzle our eyes with their charm. We’ve heard it said, “there is no truer mirror of a people and a civilization than their informal architecture”, so if you’ve been looking for something different, charming and unique, we think you’ve come to the right place.

Storybook Homes is a cottage design firm specializing in these styles of cottages and offers full working architectural drawings for new construction. Our cottage home plans include all modern conveniences, yet retain the interior and exterior charm of yesteryear (mixed with a little flair and whimsy of course). Click here to see what Storybook Homes’ plan sets include.

We offer many original Storybook cottage designs within our current Storybook Collection, or, if you want us to create an entirely custom cottage design just for you, we would be happy to do that also. Please visit our Custom Cottages page to view the Storybook Cottages. Call us at if you have any questions about a custom design.

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